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So now a large portion of the pacific ocean is protected by the United States. Draco hadn’t realized you could claim areas that sort of belong to everyone. Now there was a treaty passed that says you can’t claim empty space so Draco isn’t planning on doing that. Draco is planning on claiming very sparsely filled space. You see Outer Space is not actually empty. Therefore that treaty does not apply. Draco hereby claims Outer Space in all it’s not empty glory for Draconia. You want to go to mars? You gotta pay a toll buddy.

Draco hasn’t been able to blog lately because of these classes and their ceaseless requests for work. Draco still isn’t sure why the math class has both an online and ground component but luckily Khan Academy will make sure Draco does well. Thank you Khan Academy for teaching Draco maths well. It’s funny because Draco’s kooky Political Science Teacher introduced Draco to it. You’d have thought a Math teacher would have but whatever. The Poli-sci teacher also taught Draco to bury all the gold you own and then when you’re grandchildren want to fight over it make some sort of complicated riddle that they have to solve. Truly a wise sage of wisdom.