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Well since Draco forgot the completely interesting topic for this post we will start with an apology to Bravely Default. Apparently in the murder mystery part you can accuse the dead body if you click it 17 times. To make up for it Draco will list a positive that is very spoiler-y but also a pretty big social issue. In the beginning that fairy that guilts you into saving the world and playing is revealed to not be the little fairy Airy that guides you and complains when you do anything other than the main quest. The fact that this is a twist when the two look adequately different proves that people think fairies all look the same. That’s pretty offensive. They planned a twist which depended on people not being able to tell the difference between two distinct characters just because of the species. That’s social commentary right there.

So there are many things these days to be worried about. Luckily there are also many things to celebrate.  Draco is celebrating having Big Brother Winner Dan Gheesling respond to a YouTube Comment. Is it kind of a pointless thing to celebrate? Probably. Is Draco really happy about it? Yes.