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We’ve entered our second year of Dracoblag and to start things off we will summarize for you, the reader, all the important things that happened last time(based on statistics and opinion). The most important topic on Dracoblag that you need to know about is Home page/ Archives. While it is not an actual topic and the statistic tells nothing of what people are looking at it is still really popular. It is so popular Draco could just cut everything else out and still have around 80% of the readership.

1.in the next seat we have the God’s Not Dead commercial review. This post really does encapsulate the spirit of Dracoblag for sure. We took apart this movie with fact and with common sense in a completely unbiased fashion.  It’s clear why this was the most popular post(No it’s not, there were way better posts but oh well that is the power of star power).

2. The first bit of Dracoblag was that we never mentioned Felicia Day once. It was a time when all of the internet would occasionally mention her somewhere. Not Dracoblag though we stuck to other topics and made it an entire year without even having her name in a single post. This is a tradition we will carry well into the future. Remember you will never see the name Felicia Day even once on Dracoblag. That’s a fact.

3. When Draco realized Microsoft was the real life Abstergo from Assassin’s Creed based on their logo it was a scary time. There were guys in suits everywhere and a few ladies too. It was scary how few women were hired to intimidate Draco. Honestly there are millions of women who are well qualified to intimidate Draco with their toughness but they only hire old men from the Reagan era. It’s unfair.

4.Draco’s adventures in space will always be cherished by Draco and the maybe 6 people who read about them.  Even more so now that Draco owns Outer Space. If one thing was to be learned it’s that Chicago has a large amount of beautiful lady people and Winter’s Tale is such a good movie it can keep you from dying. That was two things but odds are you didn’t even notice. Bet you didn’t notice the part where it explains you didn’t notice either.

5. The Whale… We’re not going to talk about it…

6.Remember that time Draco wrote a review blog to avoid having to come up with a real post. Oh the laughs you and Draco had. It was splendid. That hilarious part where Draco realized this was getting long and reviews are the worst episodes of a show so it needed to end. Ya that was great.