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They say follow your dreams. You may do that and Draco may do it but sometimes a dream is so stupid or you are so incapable of doing it that really you shouldn’t. The problem with encouraging everyone is that everyone is different and some people are really bad at things. Every time Draco goes on Facebook Draco notices this one acquaintance of some friend talk about how they are going to do things but the thing is they are bad at things. This is why constructive criticism is a good thing. You should do the things you love if you are capable of doing them. Always remember to follow your dreams as long as you are actually able to accomplish them. If you are not capable of accomplishing them go get a new dream more suitable to your talents.

Draco has begun slowly regarding silent things. Also while regarding these silent things Draco bought and started reading The Slow Regard of Silent Things. Some people on Barnes and Nobels little review thing had a hissy fit about it but Draco knows that it is good for at least one reason. If a book can make you care about a little blue basically lantern named Foxen as much as a person then that is a success. Draco has always been a fan of personification and did it almost too much as a child. Anyway this is a book that is truly magical. Not the magical other books slap on to themselves but pure real life magic.

While buying the book a lady in line said “Good morn-noon- whatever time it is. I’m sorry that sounds stupid” but you know what? That really is the perfect greeting. Honestly why must we have multiple greetings for multiple times when one like this will do? This lady was clearly having a stroke of brilliance while stroking earrings hanging on a counter and looking at her feet. Let us stand together as people who have read this paragraph and change the world and how we communicate forever. Draco’ll let you get that done now so please have it on Draco’s desk by morn-noon-ening of next Thursday. Good good.