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Draco had his birthday the other day. Like most other birthdays someone asked if Draco felt older. One of Draco’s earliest memories was someone asking that very same question. One thing that never changes is that question is completely pointless. It’s nice that they ask but you aren’t going to feel older. People age over time and nothing about it being a birthday makes you accumulate age faster. Draco is older today, tomorrow, and forever until the end of time. “The future was now” as they say.

Using birthday money Draco got Assassin’s Creed Rogue. Playing it reminds Draco just how long it has been since Draco played any Assassin’s Creed. Anyone who has played Black Flag and Rogue will get that they are exactly the same game-wise( actually Black Flag felt a little bit better but oh well) but that really shouldn’t matter. The point of Rogue is the story and so far it seems to meet expectations. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. It is like how the Mona Lisa is a great painting and the Lady with an Ermine is as well. They’re both paintings by the same da Vinci but each has a very small variation like an Ermine that makes it different and worth more than your entire life savings probably. If you like an adequately enjoyable story ( maybe great haven’t finished) and don’t mind murdering tiny animals (which is hopefully gone in Assassin’s Creed Unity) you’ll enjoy Rogue. Oh ya and there is a mean lady who harasses you in present day. You’ll have to get past that too.