Draco’s math teacher apologized for teasing Draco all the time in math class. As of her saying that she had only said Draco’s name 5 times. If a lesson can be learned from this it is that you should remember who you are doing mean things to and apologize to them. Someone out there deserves an apology and will never get it all because the attention they didn’t pay. Sad sad sad. Sad.

Allstate did a commercial on how great new car smell is and how they will buy you a new one. Sure it seems fine but why would you need this new car that they are paying you for? Because you got in an accident. You got in an accident so bad that your car was destroyed and they are blathering on about how fine your replacement car smells. You’re likely very hurt in this scenario and your insurance is frolicking in the perfume of a car. Wanna know what would be nice for an insurance company to offer? A “are you ok?” and a “get well soon”. Draco doesn’t care how lovely the car smells Draco cares that Draco was injured and all you care about is the car. Rude little shtako-head.