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Everybody loves arrows. Without arrows there would be no guards. Without guards there would be lawless chaos or the perfect society if you’re an anarchist (We do not judge your stupid ideologies here at Dracoblag). Arrows are useful for pointing out directions, sending messages, playing online games, Changing professions, reloading bows, sorting your ducks (getting all your ducks in a row. a row. arrow), defeating demons (As long as you’re a priestess from Inyuasha (on that note Inyuasha is back and that is great (It feels so familiar)) and making charts/ graphs. Arrows are great but one of Draco’s instructors went on a 20 minute rant. Now in math it is annoying when people do weird math mazes where you have to follow their work across the realm of time and space. The problem is that the person using arrows wasn’t in the room. The person showed up after the rant was over and actual instruction started. You would think that that would be that but you’d be wrong. Actually you wouldn’t think that because that sentence basically always ends with “you’d be wrong”. Anyway the poor fool shows up and the instructor decides to stop instructing  just to have the rant in front of them. We will never know where her intense hatred of arrows came from but we do know that arrows are great regardless of how any one instructor feels about them.