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It’s been a while since the last post. Draco had many a final exam and they all demanded time and a half. Draco is now done and able to use Alliteration on the internet once again.

Target’s recent holiday commercial features this song Marshmallow World by Karen o. The song was ok for the purposes of it being a song and it going well with the initial commercial but they’ve beat the song with a stick of death. They keep making new commercials and changing the speed and pitch just slightly to make it seem possibly new. The same 50 seconds of a song played over and over again, most of it at pitches only dogs and dolphins can hear, gets annoying after a thee times. The best gift Target could give is to never play that song again.

In rpgs Draco would always like to give the character a quirk of some sort. Originally it was always “Character is obsessed with bread and will prioritize bread over any other item. Oh ya and there was also “all buckets are out to get you. Avoid at all costs”. After playing Dragon Age Inquisition Draco has made a new one. “All boxes must obey and respect Draco or be destroyed”. You may be thinking that’s incredibly stupid and pointless but what you don’t realize is it is at least more interesting than stew.  Ya Draco said it. Take that you stereotypical fantasy novel author.