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Draco hopes you’re having a great day on this holiday for the everywhateveryouare. Draco has many grievances to air but the worst of all is that most of the posts about Festivus Draco has seen are just people whining about not knowing what Festivus is. In a world where someone could just open a new tab and Google what Festivus is this annoys Draco greatly.

So Draco finished Assassin’s Creed Rouge and that means there aren’t really games for the PS3 that are still viable. Sure replaying games is a thing but it isn’t going to happen with all the cool new stuff and actual things to do. Either way Shay did a far better job then Arno of Assassin’s Creed Unity and really everything about Rouge was better. The connection with Arno at the end is wonderful and actually made Unity a bit more interesting though. That’s nice.

Reign Aston Disick is the name of a person. Now Draco does believe you can name a child whatever you as the parent want to but reign is a word rather than a name. Just picking a cool word as a name seems stupid. Vortex is a cool word but it shouldn’t be a name. Dragonfire, Laser, Orchard, Mechanical, LED, Blueray, Inkwell, Surgery, Oxidization, and Vault are all cool words but all terrible names. If you’re famous please name your child with a name. Thank you.