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Where do ideas go when they die?

It’s surprising but that little “oh Draco is sad about forgetting like 12 blog post ideas” thing reminded Draco of this really cute little picture book Draco got the other day. Yes it’s for children but the art was fantastic and it was inspirational so there is that. It’s called What Do You Do With an Idea? by Kobi Yamada, Mae Besom (Illustrator). Anyway Draco really should let the magical egg ideas grow wings even when they are awful and unfinished. Yay.

Well the good holidays like Draco’s Birthday and Christmas/Hanukkah are over and Draco is pretty sad about it.  Even worse is that the giant backlog of games Draco has taken a slice out of have almost exclusively had sad endings. Transistor hurt the worst as right before the ending the game crashed. If you know what Transistor is like then you would know that the game crashing almost feels like a valid ending. With all the computer stuff that actually seems like a great ending but it felt like a giant void of emptiness and despair at the time. Civilization thankfully ends with World Domination every time. Happiness is possible and all it requires is XCOM Squads.