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This was Draco’s first week of classes and let Draco tell you that they seem to want to make this an everyday affair rather than the one or two really long day affairs that Draco signed up for. On a positive note Draco can now make “Hello World” pop up on the monitor. According to Tv that makes Draco a computer expert. If the world is ever attacked by robots helicopters will descend and ask Draco for advice on the situation.

It’s been over 150 hours since Draco started Dragon Age Inquisition and not a single post about it probably(Draco has the memory of a what are we talking about again?). Perhaps that is the reason. It’s similar to how you expect Dragons in Dragon age but can go days without one. Anyway that’s Draco’s game of the year. Well story wise it is.  Infamous Second Son was best gameplay-wise but this is about Dragon Age so ignore that. This Skyrim-esque Medieval France Simulator has a wonderful cast of Sera and Varric who are supported by some other pretty good characters, an innovative and inspired use of boxes as plot devices, and no instruction pamphlet inside the box. Do you remember the days when games would have actual instruction manuals that would even have little helpful tips like “make sure to stop the thief from murdering Merric on level 5 or you lose the best mage” or “be suspicious of spoiler”? Draco has missed those since they started replacing that with only health and safety warnings that tell you nothing(aside from health and safety warnings). It was appalling to find an empty box though; at least give the useless one… It’s a matter of principle. Draco sentences whoever made that choice to community service… as a table for orphans. That’s barely a spoiler, sorry.