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Twitter is wonderful at times. It was especially wonderful last week with the Seahawks making that big comeback. There were people actually at the game tweeting so Draco found out about stuff maybe 5 or 6 seconds before anyone else. Draco’s dad would just run in and be all excited and Draco could just deadpan it and bring everyone down. If memory servers a crime show had something like that but it was the stock market instead of sports and they would take advantage of the window between price display and the actual change to make millions. Twitter’s still good though. It has a cute mascot and some people are nice. Maybe someday there’ll be a way to exploit it to get money but today just stick to what it’s intended for.

Dual monitors. The epitome of computer people monitoring aside from those really crazy surround sound monitor things which do not count. Draco has now forcibly joined your club by buying into it. Muhuhuhaha.  Anyway it feels like there is too much room most of the time but it is really helpful when it’s needed. It’s like a desk that’s really big; you just need to fill it with knick-knacks until it’s more comfy.