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Draco does not trust headphones. They’re great and all but there is always the thought “What if everyone can hear this?”… Draco doesn’t want people judging his taste in music or hearing anything that Hat Films says.  What would the children think? Actually wouldn’t it be better for children to hear that type of thing? They wouldn’t understand it anyway. Then again most adults would have a bit of trouble understand Hat Film’s rambling nonsense so that front is probably safe in all quarters. Is that something people say? Safe in all quarters? Is that a thing? It sounds like it is.

Today Draco tweeted Patrick Rothfuss and he responded. This made Draco very happy. He happens to be one of Draco’s favorite authors ya know. The best part, however was what happened after. He only said two words but that brought all his fans to Draco’s twitter and it exploded with favorites and retweets. Traffic even made its way to old Dracoblag. Twitter is fantastic and everything is circle perfect. Now have this great picture of Auri that Draco found. Have it all.

by arbetta

by arbetta