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Sometimes life will hand us exactly what we need on a silver platter. Sometimes everything you wanted will be right there in front of you and you can easily reach it.

by nj

But sometimes we have all the miracles we need but due to our own inability or mistakes we mess up. That’s the best lesson to learn from this years Superbowl. The entire universe can line up perfectly for you to accomplish some task, however mundane or extraordinary, and you can still absolutely fail.

This is why you should strive for success even when things look easy. Never stop until you’ve actually succeeded. Also never give up when you aren’t succeeding because someone else can always fail. Anticipate and cherish their missteps.

Katy Perry sure was great, right? She really didn’t even have to sing. The giant tiger and sharks were enough. Giant tigers and sharks should be in every show. Especially adorable sharks and shiny metal giant tigers.

by that person in the corner