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The tomato. No one agrees on how it is pronounced but everyone who knows anything agrees that it is a Fruit. How dare Fred Meyers list it as a vegetable. This crime must be made public knowledge for all to know publicly. Scream it from the rooftops. It may be a small issue but it shouldn’t be an issue at all so fix it world.

Draco continued playing transistor and realized something very important. Draco is very good at it. While patting himself on the back Draco realized an important lesson. Without watching people on YouTube play and make mistakes Draco would not be as good. This speaks for that old technique of watching people play sports to be better at sports. Apparently that works for anything. Do you want to make a sandwich? Go online and watch someone fail to make one. You’ll be much better for it.

By soleadodol


Sorry for the lack of posts. Draco has had much coding to do. Also a video reviewing all the Taylor Swift songs on YouTube. Red is awful to the 11th degree and Blank Space is wonderfully yandere. Actually many of her songs are yandere-ful. This is just the first one where she is open about it without retconning it with a dream sequence.