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Everything is just Dandy lately. The Season one box set of Space Dandy comes out Tuesday. You know who got it last Tuesday? Draco did.


Look upon the glory that is this box set and despair that you’ll never have it until Tuesday. Anyway that’s a week early. Thank you Rightstuf. Your generosity was probably unexpected but appreciated.

Draco’s local bookstore closed… It’s very sad but 25% off everything! Woo. That’s worth the memories. All the good times just surrounded by tomes and drinking hot cocoa. Draco bought many books but one should be noted and shown to you.

Magic book

It’s an actual tome. If Draco were to ever cosplay a wizard, this. This wonderful magic book thingy Wonderful. It’s to bad the cashier who is rude was there that day. She not only refused the store credit Draco had but also added $5 for no reason and refused to give a receipt. There are some positives to change. The chocolate covered coffee beans and people who could order books for Draco will be missed.