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For years Breathe Rights were a simple luxury. Draco liked a specific kind and it did seem to help.  Sadly that kind has been discontinued. Supplies run thin and during sickness times are tough.That’s when Draco realized the Too Awesome to Use trope was in effect. Breathe Rights are Phoenix Downs and no shop nearby sells them…

Rightstuf is wonderful. Not only did they ship Space Dandy before the actual release so Draco could rub it in everyone’s faces while watching all of season 1, they also sent a cool catalog with tons of very buyable stuf. Sure all those things were on their website but there really is something to paper. You can buy most anything online but a flesh and paper buyers guide is like a selection of their best items that they want you to see. It’s more personal and it feels fancy. It is of course none of those things but it feels that way… Anyway if you’ve never ordered from Rightstuf Draco highly recommends it.