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The voters just don’t appreciate Draco. You would think with free education, no crime, electric hover cars, marriage and equality for all, and a AAA economy while everyone else is in a recession would be enough to not get assassinated but no it’s not. Those damn liberal extremists decide to just shove death in Draco’s face. It isn’t very encouraging mind you. Dying politicians will not support your stupid political interest groups. Either way Democracy 3 is still a very fun bureaucracy simulator. You can even subtly turn a country into a police state but that tactic seems to not end well.

Update: retried the last turn and lasted probably around 11 more terms. Turns out there was this really horrible foreign policy thing that was used to solve a food crisis decades ago and getting rid of it sated everyone.

Look at this! Many cool pictures of video games Bosses and villains for you too look at. It’s some sort of fantastic exhibit to celebrate some of the best written or designed characters from all of videogamedom.The Kerrigan one is especially cute. It takes a talent to make the Zerg adorable and this artist clearly has it. There is also a cute reaper from Mass Effect. Life eradicating machines are also hard to make cute. Clap clap clap.

"Infest" by Rekka Bellum

“Infest” by Rekka Bellum

Look at the curious little bird.


"(Fear) The Reaper" by Jesse Riggle

“(Fear) The Reaper” by Jesse Riggle

Giant death roly poly! Actually it’s probably more of a beetle. Wasp maybe? It’s got a pointy tail thing but is it a coincidence or just body shape. Either way it has a laser and cool speeches.