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Draco has a love hate relationship with episodic games. They can be absolutely fantastic like Life Is Strange and make you feel emotions but then your done. It’s over. See you in two months. Now sure normal games finish and you have to wait a year or more but the word episodic makes it feel like a week at most should be the wait time. Real episodes of Game of Thrones come out once a week but the game has significantly more time to wait. It’s still fun though. It’s just that the emptiness one feels after a story/show/game/mathematical equation is multiplied 5 or 6 times. A never-ending rain of anchors pulls at Draco’s heart.

The especially nice part about Game of Thrones is that playing feels like having to talk to an authoritative figure. It can go really well and you might even like them as a person but once it’s over there is a sense of relief. The cameos are nice and the fact that it’s canon is cool but it feels like work.

With Tales From The Borderlands there is this air that everything will be perfectly fine and the writing is some of the absolute best. In any other episodic game you would try to talk down people threatening you and worry about outcomes but in TFTBL you do the cool thing instead and it just feels better. Taunt the guy or guys with the gun(s) all you want.  They break the usual formula that way and it feels refreshing. Also Fashionable socks. Actually fashionable everything. It looks great.

Life is Strange is the exact opposite. DONTNOD has managed to shake the telltale choices never matter feel and actually make even watering a plant feel meaningful. The Stanley Parable teaches us that there is no choice but at least Life is Strange has branches and different outcomes rather than a railroad.  They actually manage to build anticipation all the while working hard and putting their all into making quality work unlike some people who have decided they have an art style and left it at that. Also the character Kate Marsh is a precious angel and she must be protected from literally every other character because they’re all evil.

by Yahoberries

by Yahoberries

Upon further investigation every character involving Dayeanne Hutton is precious. Also she has a blog and one post had these napkins with love letters on them.  Just so you know this is the ghost of Draco typing this. Living Draco died of cuteness overload. If you have need of Living Draco he will respawn in about 3 minutes.

Upon the uponed thought Draco has realized those napkins remind Draco of Victoria Grayson’s Chair on revenge. If ever Draco is obscenely wealthy a chair like this will be one of the first purchases. The next will be an author to write tons of witty biting quips to defeat all the other rich people. Purchase three is some sort of investment because all that is probably expensive. You gotta spend money to make money to spend money.

Best Chair award 20forever.