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-by zurczner

Thank the Barnes and Nobles for their gift cards and books for which can be bought. Draco bought a ton of The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan in preparation of the anime-ification. Draco isn’t normally into such oblique normal story lines and such but the sentiment from Haruhi and a love of Yuki-chan got Draco to devour it. There was a nice little bit where she was hit by a car and boom other persona comes out/ the magics back. The nods to events that happened in the main series that no longer happened was probably the best part.

Today while working on my shelves at the library a woman came up to thank me for doing them. She said the person who should have been there(Draco) should have been there (As Draco was) and it was nice that a good Samaritan such as Draco would do what the actual person was meant to do . This must be how baristas feel. Well probably not they go through a lot.

Why is it that whenever Draco coughs a lot Draco gets hiccups? It’s horrible because the hiccups make Draco cough more and the coughing makes Draco hiccup. It’s a never-ending cycle of pain.