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Draco was reading about Transistor again and after thinking about it and applying real world thing-ness Draco believes(this is a theory) there may be another ending which no one has found yet. To catch you up, Bastion, predecessor to Transistor, had an alternate ending and it seems everyone just assumed Transistor’s alternate ending would be unlocked in a similar manner. The problem is Transistor is computer-y and in recursion mode you actually go through a loop. While(Conditions are true){Normal Game} but when conditions are not true the secret ending is unlocked. Now to change magic unknown condition You have to call functions. Functions are nice little bundles of processes that likely change the condition when used in a certain order. When these functions are called correctly the value will be changed and the loop will be escapable. The problem is that there is well over 300 combinations. Unless you get the correct one you have to start all over again. The phrase that is used repeatedly in game “When Everything changes, nothing changes” is likely a hint implying that the combination is some hodgepodge of the first 2 or 4 functions.

The best part about Photoshop class is that it involves Photoshop. Other classes might be time consuming but Draco knows how to do Photoshop and enjoys it. This has lead to joy. Today someone asked how to make a new blank document. The entire lecture today was about selection. Ahahahahahaha. It’s wonderful.