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So the other day while on steam Draco was looking at the new games that came out and noticed that progress towards some of the achievements had already been made. It said Draco was 12% towards being a genius and about 9% towards successfully flirting with the main character’s sister. Now yes there is a stigma with that sort of thing buuuuuut Draco totally is a genius and honestly unsuccessfully doing something that may be shameful is more shameful than successfully doing it (unless it’s a crime). Think of it like both have the intent but one means you are so bad at doing things that you failed. Basically not successfully completing the achievement would mean Draco was not as good as Jamie F****** Lannister. That can’t stand. So Draco got the lovely stat management game called Sunrider Academy(which is very fun you should probably buy it too) and got the achievement and Jamie Lannister can shut up. Also that’s not a spoiler that’s just common knowledge. Nothing in this paragraph was spoiler-y.

Even better, Draco discovered a new member of the Third Person Club. The distinguished group of characters(Some examples are the fantastic musician Malukah, George Costanza from Seinfeld, basically every Pokemon, and many many more) who speak in the third person now includes the lovely Chigara! Congratulations Chigara, we’re all very proud of you.Chigara 3rd person

Also this game is a spin-off a mech game which is free. That’s just great. Hey the ribbon up there reminds Draco… Anybody remember that Gundam character who was named Ribbons? How ridiculous was that name? That was a good Gundam series that was.