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Draco watch this Age of Ultron and it was pretty darn good. It brought up AI and whether this unit has a soul which Draco loves and occasionally someone would say something funny. There was all that action stuff that people love and the occasional Agents of Shield tie in is always appreciated. Maybe some moments could have been done better and the guy across the aisle that fell asleep didn’t help but Ultron was great and really that’s all that mattered. It’s the age of Ultron and no one else’s.

Draco was reading about Kill la Kill and while most people thought there was a ton of symbolism the creator said there is none. This didn’t sit right with Draco and Utron helped Draco find the answer. Ultron is meant to do justice or whatever in the movie and instead decided to try and kill everyone(it’s easier to get peace via extinction than peace via peace talks). Well if Ultron can do whatever he wants cant a story? just because the creator says this will do this doesn’t mean any of that will actually happen. If you look at  Jurassic Park you’ll find they often do the opposite. GlaDOS, the Geth, every time they try and weaponize zombies, Mewtwo, Apes, they all decide they aren’t going to take the role they were given and take the role they want. Now if all that happens then why can’t a story be symbolic against it’s creator’s intention. If meaning can be established from something arbitrary than that thing is no longer arbitrary and nothing can ever change that. Kill la Kill may mean nothing but really cool explosions and fun to it’s creator but it can mean more to literally anyone else and there is nothing silly or weird about them finding it such.