As a person with access to the internet anytime Draco has an illness Google can diagnose it. Now yes some people say it’s terrible and YOU dear reader should go to an actual doctor but Draco is a stubborn fool in some matters. Also Draco’s doctor does the exact same thing and we usually get the same diagnosis. So Draco thought about it and there is one thing that prevents Draco from doing it to it’s full potential. The pictures can often be absolutely repulsive. So Draco thought maybe there could be some sort of rule among medical website. All of the pictures could be set to hidden by default. That way you could go in and see what you need and if you want the pictures you could turn them on. Just saying ya know.

Recently Ubisoft made a video which some consider an apology for many flaws of Assassin’s Creed Unity. Like many statements it would seem people don’t understand it. Now Draco loves Ubisoft and they do a good job but the video they made wasn’t really an apology. What they really said is  “we worked hard on Unity, the complainers were mean, and even though our feelings were hurt we will continue to make games”. It’s a bit baffling that people would take that as any acknowledgment of the problems and it’s extremely baffling that Ubisoft would think this was a good video. It’s like that part in Portal 2 where GlaDOS says she isn’t going to hold a grudge for killing her and throwing her body parts one by one into a fire and then being forced to experience that over and over again. Either way Draco will still definitely buy their stuff.