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Life is Strange Episode 3 came out and there were ups and downs. It felt like it went by both slow and quick but that’s mostly because Draco didn’t want to miss any details and also constantly wants content so that isn’t really a fair assessment. Your spoilers have been warned, though there won’t be many.


They introduced a stealth mechanic which is significantly better than Assassin’s Creed Unity’s and much appreciated. They could have done a bit more with it but later maybe. They took advantage of the teleporting mechanic which was great and also served story purpose which was nice. A problem was they make you feel like you shouldn’t be using the main time travel mechanic. That makes sense story wise but time travel is the main draw of the game gameplay wise. That’s like playing Transistor or Dragon Age Origins and not using the tactical turn thingy or like playing Infamous without using your cool conduit powers.


They should have a soundtrack for sale because it’s good. Additionally the atmospheric noises that constantly make you think your about to get caught during the sneaking bits were spot on. Paranoia inducingly spot on.


The story disappointed in one aspect. Kate, also known as the best character and a precious angle did not get any screen time. They had the ridiculous and insane option to include her more but it’s understandable. It’s just a bit disappointing is all. Aside from that they hit what they need to, did a twist most people didn’t see coming, and actually managed to make a character seem drunk. Tv has been around for years and yet they still have trouble with that. Sure they did shoot themselves a bit in the foot because they showed the future and if you look at the future the surprise end twist of this episode will be undone but it can still be used for a while. Maybe in Episode 4 they’ll even retcon that future with an updated future. All Draco knows is that Episode 4 cannot come fast enough.

Verdict: This is the best review of a game Draco has written to date. 10/10 review.

There was an unfortunate casualty this episode. Lisa the Plant met her unfortunate maker and Draco seized the opportunity and made a memorial picture. Draco spent maybe 10 minutes on it and the moment Draco got home it was let loose on tumblr. Somehow this picture turned in more likes than literally every other bit of content on Dracoblag combined in less than 24 hours. That’s pretty insane ya know. Guess that just goes to show emotion is stronger than careful planning or spending hours writing and rewriting one post. It’s a lesson to be learned for sure. Now gaze respectfully on this memorial for Lisa the Plant.