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When you play the game of Game of Thrones, you hit or you really don’t. Did Telltale hit? Is Draco going to do one of those nicer paragraphed reviews? You betcha.

Episode name

Sons of Winter is a stupid name. There wasn’t even a White Walker and that was the menu screen. That’s like opening a box with a mug picture on the front and finding a spoon. They don’t even relate it to the story. They just took words GoT uses and smushed them together.


Dragons aren’t usually bait but in Game of Thrones they basically are. Dany with her Dragons = views and this game tried that last episode, made a little cliffhanger, and yet they didn’t start with that. Instead you’re presented with a sign that said nothing you do matters and you are reminded of the not really choice that goes on with Gared Tuttle and blonde bowl cut guy. You could say suspense but then you get the “they waited 6 weeks to build suspense” response. That choice thing will always be the most annoying part of really all Telltale and they should at least hide it in the middle. Most of the scenes make it apparent why the choices couldn’t matter because most of this episode would have been optional but it’s still not ok.

There were optional qte rather than mandatory ones and that is appreciated. They still make you think you have options and that is truly magic.

Nothing too diffiucult and there were multiple ways to do the same thing which is nice.

Assorted Art Thing

The sounds are fine but never as good as Tales From The Borderlands or The Wolf Among us. That is alright though because they were amazing and we can’t all be amazing.

The real genius here in GOT is the spectacular obviously planned graphical failures. Super dramatic moment, devices that shoot stick like objects at everyone’s faces are pointed at those very faces, and that Ludd Lunkhead with Bad Hair Whitehill, jerk that he is, is about to tune the fork if you know what that means. It surely doesn’t mean what you think. It’s actually stabbing someone in the eye. Nothing could possibly save our poor unfortunate– WHOA it’s DUNCAN Blah Blah Blah FEEELINGS Tuttle and he has turned into a FLOATING GIANT GHOST. Odd that no one comments on this giant ghost man but the best way to fight a ghost is to ignore it. Next we have dramatic spy gala. Mira Now Kinda a BA Forrester is about to get caught by her boss who said not to come to the dramatic spy gala. Oh woe is us, what could save her. Oh it seems the Lord of Light himself has intervened and sent a giant floating cup for Mira to hide behind. Truly flawless mistakes.

Additionally they reused a character model. The guy was dead. Don’t do that.


This is the good part.  They really just do a good job and surpass many of the actual show’s episodes in quality. Mira especially shines and is arguably better than Sansa in both book and show. She has developed more as a character in 4 one hour episodes than Sansa did in 5 books or seasons combined. She started as the equivalent to Sansa because who needs originality and came out being a character who has a brain and eyes.

Rodrik continues to deliver some of the most powerful scenes in the story, especially in episode 3 but it continues now in Episode 4. Actually that might not be true. Because of the imaginary choice mechanic he might just seem like a bumbling imbecile who changes his strategy from being a great guy to a sniveling coward in two seconds flat. Rodrik makes the idea that less choice should be available. Anyway in Draco’s experience he seems like a great guy with reasonable personality and a power behind him that will  make him a fine martyr if and when he almost definitely dies. Rodrik the Unbroken they will call him!

Asher is slightly less great but him and Beskha in Meereen have been a sight above Dany in Meereen. They’re fun. That’s basically all you can say. They have good times, bad times, and you feel for them.  You get that from them every episode aside from ep 1.

Gared was a disappointment. Didn’t really have options and when the Ygritte Clone Potential Romance Girl Sister of Widling Guy showed up you can’t even be flirty. There was an option that was all “Well, aren’t you going to introduce us?” and it should have gone like “Hey buddy, why don’t you introduce us to your sister *wink* *wink*” or perhaps like a normal person with”Why don’t you introduce us” but instead that option produces “Hey you piece of ####! Why don’t you ####### introduce us!!!!!!! *pulls out machine gun and starts firing erratically in the air*”. Even if you’re not doing the romance thing why does there have to be an angry option? It just came out of nowhere. Combine that with the forcing you out of the wall nonsense and you get a sad sad story. Sad in the not high quality way. Just ignore him and get to the interesting people.

Verdict: This review took longer to write than the actual episode took to play. Do with that information what you will.