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You would think that with items being purchasable online that Draco would constantly make rash decisions and buy stupid things Draco doesn’t need. Lately it seems like the opposite is true. This interests Draco in ways that are boring and uninteresting to basically everyone else. Apparently that feeling at a store that you won’t be able to buy the item once you leave helps sell the item. So the thing that sells something to Draco at a convenience store is the lack of future convenience.

Draco’s been playing a lot of Choice based games and in really every one the Stanley Parable rears its head and says choice doesn’t matter. People would run around spreading this philosophy and at a point it made Draco a bit sad.

A world without choice is basically meaningless and one can’t help being upset by it. Draco however won’t take a fight lying down. Sometimes it takes a while for an insight to occur, hell it took one Greek philosopher several decades to prove anything actually exist(he could only prove color) but that comes with the job. It turns out that The Stanley Parable can be beaten. There are actually two ways to beat it funny enough but one is more “completing” it rather than beating. Anyway…

Win #1 This really isn’t a win in Draco’s book but it is a win. The Stanley Parable is trying to get a message across. They want you to play the game and receive the message. By receiving the message you are in fact winning the game. Strictly by sitting down and listening you are almost certain to win. Pretty darn easy.

Win #2 During one ending the Narrator scoffs at the player for thinking the game can be beaten. He laughs as most people run from monitor to monitor to stop an explosive device from being detonated. It’s this part that set up the problem and presented the solution. The entire game was made off another game’s engine. There are two choices and for the most part only one is ever taken. They could get up, find the tools, and make their own ending. The key to beating a choice game in the sense of there being no choice is in fact fanfiction. When presented with two options at a restaurant, you can select one or the other like you do, or you can go home and make your own food. Now one could counter that by saying that there is a limited number of blah blah wrong. Every day new people are inspired by the things that other people chose to do and so forever throughout the existence of sentient beings there will be an infinity number of choices. The Stanley parable can be beaten simply by writing ” And Stanley blinked and found himself in bed. That dream was rather odd and he just happened to dream about dreaming in his dream, but regardless of that he realized that his job wasn’t very fun. He quit and started a bakery which became very popular with the locals of the area.”. Always remember your choices are not futile. You can just decide to say screw you universe and start a bakery, or not if you prefer. One way or another there may or may not be a bakery. If that bakery doesn’t feel meaningful enough you can start another bakery or even drive a taxi cab. Or not. Now the next question is is that meaningful. Well we could look at very successful fanfcition stories like The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan and Sunrider Academy or we could go the simple route. Starting a bakery means that the world has one more bakery. It MEANS. It also means that there cannot be a potato farm or a book store in that same location. Can’t have a bank either. That is pretty meaningful. So you can in fact make meaningful choices thereby defeating the game. It’s not a win in the sense that they wanted but it is a win for humanity and that’s honestly better.