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Ya know what’s really enjoyable? When both cable and internet go out at the same time. If it was just the internet there could be a show on and if it’s TV well you can probably watch it on the internet. Lucky for Comcast and their horrible service Draco is not reliant on them. Draco has anime DVDs and books. Draco spent yesterday watching Lucky Star while reading the Art of War. Now normally Draco would have continued writing the post and you’d be getting a paragraph full of Splatoon nonsense but Lucky Star, a moe masterpiece which apparently influenced Draco quite a bit, and the Art of War, the original Buzzfeed but for murdering people with large groups of other people. A magical combination that everyone should be jealous of.

Anyway Splatoon. It’s not really Draco’s type of game but there is an important lesson to be learned from it. Additionally the two little mascot idols they made, Callie and Marie are great. Like barely any lines and they work it. Solid defined characters that you can enjoy even though the way the game makers set up their part is incredibly annoying. let’s get the amiibo machine up and running because they are, Draco approved.

By AegisP

By AegisP

But the lesson is what matters. When Draco first started, every game was a loss. It was awful. Draco felt like a total loser but then Draco took a break, tried again, and magic. Draco was #1 every time and this lesson became clear. Sometimes when a team fails it is everyone else’s fault. Don’t blame yourself all the time. If you’re failing, someone else is to blame. It is NEVER your fault. It’s theirs.(disclaimer: this isn’t always true. Sometimes it is but not always. dbd) Also Squid Girl dlc is still a thing so yay!