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Tales From the Borderlands Ep3 was short.

There were plenty of great points but the ultimate conclusion is that it was short. Everything about it was great mind you but it really was short. It’s probably just the middle bit. The Wolf Among Us’s middle bit also felt short so maybe the rest will feel longer. The other two though they felt significantly longer because more was happening overall. But Draco has talked about the others and this was basically the same except it introduced new characters. One very important character is this little lady.


She is just the most positive adorablist robot Draco has had the pleasure of seeing this week. This series is truly one of the best telltale series and this right here is one of its best characters. Forget Sasha and her cool hair and seemingly constant need to make sandwiches(Not sexist, she actually does this. Actually the writers might be but probably not. Regardless Draco isn’t and that is the point.)  because this little bot is spectacular.

Speaking of short Draco also tried Running with Rifles and Gratuitous Space Battles II because Steam sale and all that. They, unlike Tales From The Borderlands, can’t use the episodic excuse because they aren’t episodic.They do make up for it however by being pretty cool. They both had this perspective on war that was sorta interesting. RwR has you as a soldier who is not going to be a hero and who will not really make much of a difference. The commander will throw you at a wall and when you die another one will be thrown at the wall until that wall falls. GSB2 does the opposite and says that you are so important you have to stay parsecs away from the actual battle. Those were both kind of cute even though they had opposing themes which could be a moral to this post. If you want that to be the moral of this post press 1 now. While you do that Draco should let you know that Draco found a way to connect this second half to the first half! Amazing huh?Characters from TFTB like Rhys see themselves as characters from GSB2 but are viewed by others as RwR characters. It connects it works that’s it. Don’t question it. It it it it it. It.