This post is going to cover a very important issue and then after that Draco’ll share some love.

Pluto. There is a debate about whether the planet Pluto is a Planet or a Dwarf Planet. Those for planet just love Pluto and want it to stay a planet. Those against say if you call Pluto a planet you have to call a million other things planets and then suddenly school children everywhere would have to memorize a million planet names in order to get a job in construction. Ya get that kiddos? That’s biting commentary on the quality of education. Anyway, as usual there is a right answer. Let PLUTO be a planet and none of the others. People are attached to Pluto but that same attachment doesn’t extend to random rock five. Just redefine planets as whatever they defined one as AND Pluto. It can be an honorary Planet. There is always an exception to the rule so just let Pluto be the exception. Everyone would be happy. An honorary award for someone who tried their darnedest to be a planet. Sure they didn’t come in first… or eighth, but they showed real hustle.

Photo by NASA probe

Photo by NASA probe

Now for the love part. There are a lot of people on the internet.  Some of them are really good. They deserve recognition and also Draco just learned how search engine optimization works. Now on to a list of people or peoples who Draco thinks are cool.

#1: Nirvana : A lover of books and fangirling over a variety of things. For some reason or another she has an innate wisdom that Draco would have loved to have had years ago. Slightly jealous. She may write a book some day so you should probably get on this before she gets famous. You can be the hipster who read her stuff before it was published. Expect books and probably Sherlock stuff.

#2: Terramoura : A Great Youtuber with interesting words to say and a cat. Her audio is also really good which disqualified a few other candidates from this post. She has said Draco’s name multiple times though so there may be a bias. She did a full Transistor playthrough and is mid Mother along with some indie and cat goodness. Expect cats and rpgs.

#3: rmp792 : Very British Sword-fighting Violinist. He gives quality reviews with his slightly cooler friend Martin and does a bunch of Visual Novels. Anyone who can play Sunrider and live to tell the tale is pretty cool in Draco’s book and once again the audio is acceptable. Expect Visual Novels and interesting reviews.

#4: The Professor : You gotta like anyone who refers to themself as The Professor. What other selling point do you need? Expect their new newspaper PT News.

#5: Geek Remix : A single person and/or Sentient AI that claims to be two separate individual girls who play games and do podcasts. They have the capacity for humor and the ability to do distinct voices which is impressive. Expect interesting Theories and weird nonsense that probably shouldn’t exist such as all of this.