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What’s with the sun making people sneeze? Is there like a sun allergy. Draco’s seen those people who can’t go into sun light because it hurt them but sneezing seems weird. Plants make sense because it could be something in the air but the sun isn’t sending sun spores to disturb your nose. There is probably a really good reason like yawning has or maybe sunny days encourage other stuff to make you sneeze and it’s not the actual cause but who really knows? Still a better vampire sunlight repercussion than sparkling.

Thank you Yui for the best gif material

Thank you Yui for the best gif material

Why does the power have to go out when it’s either really hot or really cold? That’s usually when you need it the most!!!!! Ya it’s reasonable but it’s unfair. What good is air conditioning or heating if they can’t work in extreme heat or cold. That’s like a machine that can instantly perform a surgery but only if you do not actually need it. Weird. Or a car that can only drive when you have nowhere to go. Cake on every day but your birthday. Toilet paper in the stall next to yours. The bullet proof vests in cop or action shows. They wear them but not when or where they’ll get shot.