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Draco is truly jealous. The people who wrote the newest episode of Tales From the Borderlands did a bang up job(Not really spoilers but sorta spoilers). Sometimes when a game is trying to do a sad scene they’ll make you press f or something but these geniuses let you make anime references. That is perfect that is perfect that is perfect. Any game that doesn’t let Draco mourn with an anime reference now gets a lower score assuming they don’t have any anime references elsewhere. Aside from anime they had one of the best fight scenes of all time. Probably better than the Community paint ball episode. It’s hard to write good fight scenes and this was exceptional.  Draco was laughing like a maniac the entire time. Shock, awe, and fizzle swish. Passersby were likely terrified they had run into a super villain or something.

pew pew

pew pew

There is actually something more important then good writing though. Well not really but it’s up there. Publishing your work. Putting it out there. That is how you become a true artist. Even just showing something to another person or animal counts. If you hate showing living creatures get a stuffed animal or one of those hug pillows. You’re always going to be your worst critic because you see your work in the early stages but those numskulls only see the end result. Even if they don’t like it you can lie and say it took five minutes. They’ll never know. Anyway, the point is that Draco wrote this post on Tuesday or Wednesday(What you expect Draco to remember things? pfft) and forgot to hit publish. Ahahahahahaha.