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So lately Draco has been trying to win things. The other day Draco won 3 dollars. For you who may not know how much that is well think of it as about one Lego Minifigure. If you don’t have those in your country that is sad because they are cool. So anyway today Draco did a survey and they were like gift card. Draco would like a gift card. But here is the part that is actually relevant and ya know… the point. On this survey they asked what is the most important factor in your anime purchases. How can you ask Draco to pick just one. Ya breaken Draco’s heart survey… And the worst part, The  Worst  Part, was that “price” was an option. Draco wanted to pick something good like “Draco really loved the story”, “The soundtrack is amazing”, “The art was top notch and has withstood the test of time”, or the obvious answer “postcards”(Yes we all really want those post cards so keep em coming people). There are so many reasons and the one Draco had to pick was price. The prices on this sort of thing are insane. Say you really like Kill la Kill and want to watch it for as long as blu-ray isn’t outdated. You’re going to be paying around $60 for just 5 episodes. When you factor in the rest you end up at over $200. Draco can’t afford that, you can’t afford that(unless you can in which case lend Draco some money bucko.(This is a joke don’t feel the need to give Draco money yet)) and it’s honestly not worth that. Even the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya the “complete”(i.e. half the series)  series is going to run you over a hundred dollars. Anime fans should not have to deal with these atrocities and Draco should get to give better survey answers.

It's cost efficient sorta

It’s cost efficient sorta

Draco finished Running with Rifles the other day(finally) and it reminded Draco of an important part of game testing. Make sure everything works how it should. The people who made this game didn’t Draco guesses. This lead to the worst final mission part one Draco has seen in a while. Basically the idea was that you were alone even though the game is about being a faceless mass in a massive army and you had to destroy communication towers in the enemy base. You were desperately outmanned and you would have to destroy the towers to stop enemies from repopulating the area. As you did this the mission would become more doable as there would be less troops. The problem is they let the AI be too smart. While enemies could not spawn in the destroyed comm area they could spawn in the other areas, run out of their area into the lost one, and reman the defense. Since they weren’t in their area more troops appears and the endless army held the line. So it basically took hours and hours to wade through nonsense which never died to find these stupid radio towers and destroy them.  Not even that was easy because you can’t destroy the towers with basic gear. Ya had to run to a shop, spend some currency, and then hope you didn’t die because that’ll be all down the drain. Thank goodness it was followed by a wonderful part 2 because Draco was very annoyed.