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That title was meant to be that Frozen song “Do You Wanna Build Snowman” in case you didn’t get that. It was a stretch so the ol’ Imaginary lawyers said we needed a disclaimer. Speaking of disclaimers…

A certain unnamed car company released a commercial for their new 2015 model. They listed a bunch of features and deals for when you buy that new model. Draco read the fine print. It was disturbing.

DUN DUN DUN *Lightning strikes*


Draco spent like thirty minutes trying to get a gif for this… Appreciate the effort please… There were so many scary pictures  😦

So you would think that these deals for the 2015 model would be for the 2015 model, right? That’s common sense, right? You can see where this obvious train is going, right? RIGHT? They EXCLUDED all 2015 models from the deals they were offering. That’s like Draco telling you cookies are half off as long as you aren’t buying cookies! Who does that. That is borderline illegal and we are pretty far over the border. Sadly Draco doesn’t want to face whatever these liars call lawyers so they will totally get away with it. It’s bull though, right? Draco is frothing at the frothing area.

There was different words here when Draco wrote this but the person Draco was going to hype you for seems to have gone phony so they don’t get any attention. Not even negative attention. Could Draco have skipped telling you? Ya, but this feels better. They’ll never know but this is a victory jab of justice. Anyway, anyone else hate seeing food pictures on social medias? Like it’s usually not even good looking food. If Draco wanted to see your half eaten slop Draco would eat some slop half way, ya know? Some people put together elegant meals that make angels weep but your can of store bought green beans isn’t so pretty ok. It bugs Draco. There is like 5 of them on Twitter right now and one of them is even a before and after. At that point you’re just taking a picture of a dirty plate. That isn’t cool.