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So apparently an AI said it would put people in a people zoo if it conquered humanity. As far as Draco’s heard nothing has been done about that AIs still existing status. In Mass Effect(barely spoiler. More lore than anything.) when the Geth asked “Does this unit have a soul” the Quarians started executing them. For some stupid unknown reason they thought that was threatening. The real life AI  actually says something bad and humans do nothing. Draco’s a bit baffled. The previous sections are really just stating the problem in some sort of weird complaining circle but that’s how bad it is. This is the equivalent to aliens showing up and broadcasting on all local and national news stations that they love us and want to give us cool alien technology just out of respect and then we go murder them or they say they want to eat our flesh and we do nothing. On a positive note though, in the latest Dragon Age(More spoilers) they confirmed that the Geth and specifically Legion the best Geth had souls. And it was in Cole’s dialog too. He is a spirit so he would know. That’s nice. Anyway, kill the AI that doesn’t have a soul yet or we’ll end up wearing cool purple suits in space.

The H is three 1s. It's a binary joke.

The H is three 1s. It’s a binary joke.

Draco’s been getting into Twitch recently. Draco even has one follower. Why does Draco have a follower when Draco has never once streamed? No one really knows. But there are people who should be followed. Such as Elizabeth Neale with her occasional Adventures of Punchy streams. If you like seeing things get punched than Punchy is the puncher that you should put your punching eyes on.