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Ugh everything is awful. Draco was having a great time, free as a bird, and then classes started back up. Sure lot’s of people dream of going to classes but when you have access to them you take everything for granted so let Draco whine. There is so much stuff to do now. Draco is listening to an online lecture at this very moment. It’s a bother. The positive though is that during break Draco really couldn’t watch any anime. Draco likes to forget that classes exist till they return but basically every anime out there has some sort of school in it. Regular school, magic school, robot school, bug fighting school, future school, monster school, prison school, cafe school, garbage school, school school, octopus monster school, ninja school, ghost school, anime school, and many more. Ten points if you can figure out which of those aren’t actual shows…  Sure there are anime that aren’t school related but those are either hard to find or Draco has seen them. Claymore for example. Draco’s favorite anime though? That’s in a school. Second favorite? school. It’s awful.

Ya know what’s also awful? People who advertise their non-fda approved weight loss drugs with news broadcast-looking commercials. It’s deceptive and should be illegal. A lady at a desk with a news-y background says major medical breakthroughs were made some people not paying attention will believe it. Sure if you pay attention it’s clearly fake but someone just flipping though the channels stumbles upon this nonsense and suddenly they decide to take this garbage and they die.200_s

It should be illegal. #DracoAndSomebodyElse2016


And lastly, a surprise thing came up and Draco had to stop working on this to finish it. yay classes!