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So Draco stumbled upon “Sleeping with Hinako“.No it’s not what you think unless of course you thought the correct thing which Draco was about to explain until you had to exceed expectations. So basically it’s an anime girl sleeping for 45 minutes. Usually when one of these things pops up Draco continues watching out of stubbornness but there was just all this guilt building. Like if someone asks you to stay while they sleep you can’t really leave while they’re awake. That makes you a jerk. And sometimes it would seem like she was asleep and then open the eyes they are Then you know it’s going to at least be a few more minutes. People don’t instantly fall asleep. You try leaving when someone is partially asleep and you are truly despicable. So Draco was stuck for about six minutes. Draco might try watching it again but that really just depends on how bored Draco is. Plus it didn’t have the same delightful veracious resolute terror of I’m Poppy or the exuberantly insane joyous depravity of Following Stanley but it did have it’s own set of adjectives and honestly why must everything have so many adjectives.  That wasn’t actually the point at all Draco just had to go there. Honestly Draco likes adjectives. It’s just four seems like a bit much. Anyway it would have been fine without the occasional fanservice. On that note it’s probably not safe for work. If you read Dracoblag at work please let Draco know in the comments below because that’s really cool. If you do you’ll get ten Dracopoints.

“But Draco! You’re the one who chose to write all those adjectives!”

Just go with it… To the next topic.

“No Draco, I want to keep talking about this. You said the opposite of what you mean and then went on a rant about your own writing rather than taking the time to correct it. Even now you could be rewriting the post instead of doing some bit with a character you haven’t even named or described yet! Is this the audience reacting to your work? Am I an adorable animal sidekick? Am I your own self doubt vocalized? Have you even thought this bit through?”

No. You know what? We’re done here.

“Draco no! I was just trying to be a voice of reason. Don’t look so sad.”

Well Draco is sad. But now that you mention it Draco should be blinded by ANGER! One meowmeowbeen or whatever the equivalent to that is on the new peeple app person rating system out of five!~

“No Draco don’t! You know what happens to people who get only one! I don’t know how to fight night eagles! NOOOOOOOOOO!”

See kids, this is what happens when act reasonable. Murdered by night eagles all because of a people rating app.

Fear the Pidgey Army

Fear the Pidgey Army

Also because Draco spent about thirty minutes typing up this nameless character and grew attached to them they’re fine now. See.