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Ya know what’s nice about browsers. Limitless tabs. After taking a MVC quiz Draco had exactly approximately 39 tabs open. First off and on a completely unrelated note, Hemingway App loves Draco’s writing but seems to think a lot of it is confusing. If you’re wondering why we’re on this topic now the reason is the “exactly approximately” bit. Ya know what though? You people get it. There is a legion of loyal peoples who are presumably very good-looking who understand what Draco is laying down. Even more importantly all of the people who wrote Hyperdimension Neptunia would understand. rant over. Tabs are great. If your computer could handle it you could have a million of them. that’s why the WiiU browser isn’t as good as the real thing. They limit you to 6 tabs. It gets worse in games though. They have the gall to limit save slots. Maybe you want to return to one part or the other part. That’s why Visual Novels are great. They give you hundreds of save slots. The point of this all is that limits are a bother. In a lot of things limits are important but in little things like tabs or save slots limits shouldn’t be a thing. You should be able to buy software and use it for an unlimited number of years, move files larger than 4 GB onto a flash drive that has enough empty space, and you should be able to carry as many Pokemon as you can carry. Guess what professor, Draco wants to defeat Team Whosiwhat’sit with army of 10,000 Pidgey. Or ya know what? Let’s hire a small army of Diglett to bury their secret base. The world is literally at stake here so maybe don’t be so stingy?

Ya know what isn’t great though? The Limitless Tv show message. They say unless you take this magic super pill you do not matter. Complete and utter horsebull. You matter whether or not you take magic pills. You are one of the coolest and most important people in the world right now. Three cheers for you. cheer cheer cheer.

So Draco got another soundtrack on steam and this lead to a cool idea.  Some music is really good and some could be hilariously bad if played in the place of other soundtracks. If you’re bored with a game have a feature to switch soundtracks. like you’re playing super scary horror game 5 and then suddenly something relatively happy like Castle Crashers soundtrack starts up. That would be cool. Like maybe you could also replace copyrighted stuff with pubdom(Is this a good abbrevi of public domain?Let us know in the comments down below *wink*). It would give you more reason to buy them too. More variety and all that. Maybe people would just buy the soundtracks and not the games. It lets you expand your market beyond your usual customers. Anyway Endless Legend has cool music. That’s really the point here. Especially this new one here.

... heartbreaking

… heartbreaking