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This post has been cooking in the oven for a bit. Yay lots of things to do, right? Love it. On a positive note it’s almost November 7th aka the best day. Ideally Draco will finish all the weeks work before then. On to the show!

So Draco was checking the Google results for Dracoblag because the first page must be Draco’s and then the thought occurred to click similar.

  1. The first result was called Success Rules because if you read Dracoblag you’ll be successful(probably(Draco isn’t making a guarantee so you can sue or some junk)).
  2. The next had a Donald Trump Quote.
  3. Nonsense disparaging of humanity and hatred. Like Draco complains but they really aren’t “mean mean I’m mopey” style complaints. The mistake can be made but it’s inexcusable.
  4. A question. What do you do when you can’t remember a friends name? This has actually troubled Draco so let’s answer this. Call them bro, dude, Galosaurus Rex, buddy, homie, the meister, skillet face, Tim, biscuit, The Herald of Andraste, Commander, Warden, Doc,  or just avoid any name related dialogue until you get them to say it.Captain2
  5. 3 reasons you feel you can’t draw. To be honest here there is one reason a person who can draw feels they cannot. They can see it. It is the greatest of tragedies that an artist sees their work in an unfinished state. How can one line on a paper stand up to your grand vision. Anyone would think they were bad at that point. Yes Draco did go the Rin Route on Katawa Shoujo; thanks for asking.
  6. An 18 year old woman named Felicity who enjoys tea, music, and cuddling. Draco enjoys two of those things. Well… one of those things… maybe… It depends… Regardless, Draco was 18 once. We’re basically twins.
  7. “I love you. You are beautiful.” and like 40 paragraphs more going on and on about it. That’s a new icebreaker for talking to a person you find attractive. Write them a novella of two incredibly short compliments over and over again in various forms.
  8. What to do if you’re a woman and you plan on dying. Get all the advice you need. This one was weird… Well it was actually about writing your will and it was a women’s website but the first way of saying it was more fun. Anyway maybe this is because of all the great advice Draco gives.
  9. Another question. What to do at a party if you don’t like to dance. This guys friend keeps asking him to her dance parties but he dislikes dancing. The number one answer to this question was “You probably do like dancing but you’re doing it wrong”. The second was “touch her butt while she isn’t looking”. The real answer is to do the Shepard Shuffle.
  10. Are people ignoring you? Learn how to not be ignored!Because you obviously can’t ignore Dracoblag! It’ll be the last tactical mistake of your miserable life. 😮