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So first off you have to know one thing. In one corner of one room, there is a spider. Draco can’t access the corner and it always stays there so it was fine. Then a mean moving spider came and ousted the spider. Now there are two spiders and they stray into Draco’s territory. They don’t know their place anymore. This is a problem.  Lucky for us we have The Rooks to fix that don’t we? The Rooks the Rooks the Rooks the Rooks the Rooks the Rooks. That is still annoying. Draco plans on making that a bit. You tired of it yet? Well if you are just call the Rooks. Surely they’ll fix all of your problems. Street gangs are (NOT) cool. All in all though, if you’re a spider stay away from Draco’s territory please.  You will die brutally. Have a nice day.


Draco hasn’t done as much gaming since one professor felt 60 hours of video alone in 3 days is worth 5 credits but after checking steam today Draco realized it’s steam sale time. Endless Legend, one of Draco’s favorite games, appears to be the big deal and it also seems they released tons of cheap or free dlc. Draco’s talked enough about the cools parts of the game but it’s nice when the devs are cool too. Everyone Always (EA) overcharges and release half games but the people at Amplitude are grade A generous and actually decent. If you want to bet they help kittens out of trees in their spare time your money is probably safe. Just top-notch behavior from a game studio. Clap clap clap. Buy their stuff.


The new Captain America movie trailer was out yesterday and it reminded Draco that people can be really stupid in stories and probably real life. The President of the US can pardon people/turkeys and yet Captain America aka guy who stopped an Alien Invasion and evil robots can’t get one for a brainwashed guy? If you’re evil they give you ridiculous things for no reason but they can’t throw a Captain a bone. Not even his supposed friend Iron Man who  unleashed the aforementioned evil robots will ease up. The same type of thing Happens in other stories such as Dragon Age Inquisition and it is just one of the most unforgivably stupid moves you can pull. Person selflessly helps you and the entire world after you nearly run it into the ground and you want to hurt them. It’s just one of those things that gets to Draco. grrrrrrrrrrr. It’s always a positive sign when a trailer gets you emotional though. Well maybe not… Bad trailers making you angry because they’re so bad isn’t good but in every other instance it’s a positive.