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Draco saw Minecraft Story Mode in a Redbox which was blue. First of all how would that even work when the physical version just has a piece of paper to download the digital version more than likely? Second why was the Redbox blue? It’s a Redbox. It’s meant to be red… and a box. Anyway this got Draco thinking about a topic. If something is expected to be absolutely awful and it’s actually pretty average (Not fantastic but there are some good points) is that worthy of praise. If you have low expectations you can’t be disappointed as they say. The problem is we shouldn’t settle for not disappointed. You are the best, Draco is the best, and the best deserve the best story of all time. Adequate shouldn’t be insulted because it’s perfectly fine but it should not be held with the best. That isn’t fair to the best and or you. Your feelings prior don’t affect the actual quality. Especially remember this when you go to see the new Star Wars. Many are going in thinking that about the prequels and the hype but you must cast your preconceptions behind and judge it for what it is.

Thinking of Star Wars, Draco was thinking back to around when the trailer first came out and how the Empire made a decision Draco really didn’t agree with. At the end of Episode 6 it looked like they took some bad hits but in 7 it seemed like in the years since all they had done was change the armor design. One day while Draco was tweeting (If you already follow Draco on Twitter you basically know all the arguments about to be made) and such Draco realized this was the best decision by far. Since we’ve known the empire they’ve built Death Stars and then watched them explode. While they do spend quite some time planning and constructing them(less on the second one but still) the actual time they are operational can be estimated at around 3 days. According to all the expanded universe stuff that is still canon and common sense the last armor design lasted well over 10 years. When you lose a Death Star you lose the money, the hours, and the crew. The armor design likely improved the survivability of soldiers (They would go down in one hit before), will probably last for years,  and most importantly it cost enough to stop these idiots for throwing away highly trained personnel and enough money and materials to cripple nations by making it into a big exploding death machine. In the more recent trailers you can see they did upgrade the armaments as well which is nice but really any purchase is better than building another Death Star. While the helmets may provide far too limited visibility it’s a better investment.


The red is about where the old design had eye holes. Now they can see their sides! Wooooo!