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Draco got to see the new Star Wars. This was planned to be entirely spoiler free but something needs to be discussed. It’s a callback to something grand from the past. Like the Force Awakens does; Let us remember what got us here. The literal previous post of Dracoblag! Draco was proud that the Empire chose to spend it’s money wisely. This is what happens when we put faith in people. We have to write apologies. Draco was wrong. Again…


The armor budget wasn’t big enough to stop the stupid construction of this ultimately pointless battle station. Who let them do this…

Apparently it was in the poster or something and it was definitely in the movie. Want to guess what happens to it by the end of the film? Ya. It was really impressive how many correct decisions the empire was making and then you see this. Admittedly they did likely save money by hollowing out a planet(What Draco proposed we do to the moon well before this movie came out cough cough cough) but since it met it’s obvious fate and took countless new and improved resources with it the endeavor clearly wasn’t worth it. At the very least Kylo Ren does seem to have a bit of common sense with his proposal to bring back clone soldiers but sadly he is taking orders from Kronos of the Marvel universe (Supreme Leader Snoke (Lame name )). The need intelligent leadership almost as much as the “Resistance” needs to use not an X-wing for their espionage and bombing operations. Like you have ships call “Y-wing bombers” and you use an X-wing for it? Jeez. Anyway we need Grand Admiral Thrawn. He is icon, marketable to merchandisers, and could actually do things that make sense.


Thrawn For Canon Leadership!

Thrawn For Canon Leadership!

For real though you can see the Lego, the Funko Pop, the… other thing. Action figures, t-shirts, Halloween costumes. Sell sell sell!

Don’t get Draco wrong though the movie is great. Super super nostalgia beam. Strong enough to destroy a million planets. A million planets in the shape of a heart. In a good way. Only one bit felt too fanfictiony(What are the odds they just randomly find the Falcon? And no don’t tell Draco the odds.). The final scene was glorious and in the future we’ll probably call it iconic. Very well done. The atmosphere seemed like it was thought out which is appreciated. Upon further thought it did everything that Star Wars Battlefront didn’t. It handled the franchise with respect and recognized what actually makes Star Wars good.