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It’s new years which means that soon this year will be a different year than the year that it was.Presumably it will be a year that would or is expected to occur after the current year but you can really never know. WE can assume that 2016 is just around the corner but it could be like a movie where they film by location rather than chronological order. Now that we’ve built up a word count let’s talk about things. For instance Draco kept his new years resolution all year(assuming nothing happens within the next few hours). Did you keep yours? Let Draco know in the comments below hashtag winky face.

The most important thing to question is why have more personified versions of 2015 been murdered in cartoons? So far Draco has seen like five or six. Last year there was maybe one(For 2014. No one murdered 2015 last year to Draco’s knowledge). This idea seems to have gained a lot of traction this year. To be honest Draco prefers the rpg boss this isn’t even my final form or a Pokemon 2015 evolved into 2016 type of thing but the people get what they want. It’s just… What made the world so hungry for cartoon murder this year?


by Lentic