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Draco started sketching again. It’s so much easier to use a pencil and paper than a mouse and program. It makes sense why the real serious digital artist people get those pen tablet things. Anyway check out some of these drawings.




Some Assassin


It has a nose









Draco often plays video games or watches anime to forget about the annoying things in real life. Those things that stress Draco out. Some of you are probably like that too. Maybe it’s books(book store closed down so Draco does this less at the moment) or Tv but you might use something. Anyway… Draco has been bothered by school recently. Sadly in college they shove courses together to make degrees as general as possible and also to waste your valuable money. Currently Draco is taking two classes which have nothing to do with anything Draco would want to do in the future and that’s pretty annoying. Draco would love to escape to anime land or short game land but there is a problem. They are very often about school. It might be a magic school or a giant robot school but it’s still the same thing. For example Magical Diary is a wonderful game Draco picked up during the last Steam sale and it just so happens to be about a magical school(It’s not the best looking but it’s actually really good. Don’t judge a visual novel by its cover). Ace Academy(potentially a Sunrider knockoff but who really cares) speaks for itself but it’s about giant robots too so ya know. Future Diary( lotta diaries here too apparently) which Draco picked up on Blu-ray from the wonderful RightStuf  is about excessive murder and romance in a school. It’s a wee bit annoying. Sure you can say hey don’t play or watch those right now and you’re of course right but everything else is usually too long. Oh well. Luckily in Spring Quarter Draco gets to take a class dedicated entirely to WordPress according to Ms Adviser. That means Draco can spend more time writing to you! As of now Draco has no time and barely got to write this. 😀