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These are trying times. They’re actually pretty ok but after Transistor Draco likes saying that. As for news Draco will have to post photos for photo class on Tumblr. As you already possibly know Draco loves taking photos so this is pretty great. Individual photos will be posted on Tumblr and groups of Photos will be posted on both. That’s pretty exciting. Sadly for you it will be “assignments” and not any old cool photo Draco takes but maybe some of those will slip in if we have time.



On a positive note, look how cute this is.

This is a super cute character from a super cute new game called Lonely Wolf Treat . Available Now!!!!!!! But really Tiff is such a great plush-artist too. Check out both.

Her name is Treat. It’s not some weird story about the only wolf treat in a box formerly full of wolf treats. Well it kinda is. It’s about a wolf in a town full of rabbits so if you wanna take it that way you could. You would probably be the weird one at that point but we still love you. As for taking you can take this game home for the price range of free-$12 million+. So go pick it up. It has wolves and wolves are cool. Also pick up Syrup and The Ultimate Sweet, another game by this talented game maker which has more endings than most big budget choice based games combined. Also candy. It has candy. 10/10 great game.