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XCOM 2 is out and if you read any of the posts constantly reading the Whale from the previous XCOM you can guess Draco is excited. If you didn’t then you can probably guess from the previous sentence. If you just skipped the first sentence you are very odd but Draco still loves you. Anyway you might wonder why Draco is saying is excited instead of it’s great or amazing and that  is a worthy wonder dear friend. Because of the poor optimization on launch and Draco’s very old PC it won’t load past the first mission’s load screen. This is pretty disappointing. Lucky for Draco there is one thing to complain about that is available to complain about.

Customization in XCOM 2 was hyped up to be extensive. Those little Miis on all the Nintendo consoles have more customization options that this does. Sure you can mod in your own items and get all the ribbons and tiny cows you desire but there really should have been more. In this day and age there should be a color wheel. That’s just standard. Go ahead and have presets but let those presets be refined. Paint let’s you do that. People borrow code all the time; rip it out of paint and just shove it in Firaxis… Don’t actually do that because Draco isn’t a legal adviser and that might be illegal but you get the idea. Anyway in the livestreams they mentioned making anime characters when they showed all the hair colors and Draco was all excited for that. They didn’t even have Twintails! Twintaaaaaaaaaaaaails. And most important of all, did you know that a few people found Dracoblag by googling Sunrider? If you don’t know what that is why would you but Draco has talked about it several times AAAAAAAAND the main character…


Has Twintails!!!!!!!!!!!!

Draco can’t even make characters that are relevant to Dracoblag.


No Sunrider girls are safe from the lacking customization features!

This is truly a travesty.  Draco can’t even run the game and this is somehow the biggest complaint. That’s how bad this is.

On a positive note, Red.


We all lie beneath her light

Draco bought this cool Red figurine and it finally showed up. So good. She’s bigger(taller) than you’d expect but the boxes is prettier than you’d expect so it’s worth it.