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This is a bit hard. Draco is sad. Draco’s first cat Maisy the Cat went to cat heaven or just regular heaven(Not an expert on cat afterlife or religion in any way(If you are one, comment down below.)). Draco’s other cat i depressed, it’s all just really sad. The problem is Draco really loved Maisy, and she deserves the same amount of blagging that beloved dog who must go unnamed because of pass protection reasons got. The problem is Draco already tweeted, tumblr’d and facebooked  about it and received so much sympathy. It’s really heartwarming stuff Draco will tell you that much. Draco doesn’t want to sound like a sniveling whiner but She also needs what is owed to her. She taught Draco how to glare at annoying humans. It’s a skill Draco utilizes to this day. Everything about loyalty and bonds of friendship, that came from Maisy(and Naruto but that doesn’t matter right now( Believe it!!!!!!)). She loved Draco and Draco loved her. It was honestly harder to deal with her dying then her being dead. Now she isn’t in pain and Draco is doing better. Now she can glare down upon all the people in the world. Cats probably love that.


Plenty of positive things happened too. Draco found these things a few days ago.


Little Funko Pop anime blind boxes. Upon further consideration Draco should have done a YouTube video and got a million views since people love seeing people open boxes for some reason. The one in the middle, Soul, is the highest quality. The others have pretty bad hair at the seam and Kirito’s swords are bent(On the right. On the left is Ciel, looking all dapper with his manshorts and cane).

Then Draco received these from the lovely people Draco refers to as mom and dad as a little Valentines gift( The sweethearts they are ❤ )


Everything except the Fairy Tail ones(Oh well Rave Master was better anyway) and a few Attack on Titan ones that weren’t really necessary. They picked up the rest of the case. How great is that? “Pretty great”, you say; well that’s an understatement but ok. Asuna(Orange haired girl in white and red on the right) has poorly designed feet, Kayaba(Guy with big cross shield)  has a lip at the chin for some weird reason, and Sebastian(Man with towel( Ya not sure why either) on the left) is a bit to toothy to truly represent his character but overall good.



Next Draco’s order came in.


That soundtrack cover alone was worth buying. The artbook is hard to open with risking a tear but still it’s nice. This all would have been nicer if they’d ordered a PC version but oh well Draco really just wanted the soundtrack. The last song, “Max & Chloe” is having problems but the rest is wonderful. Life Is Strange is such a happy, positive, optimistic game that it’s music has really helped Draco feel better today.

Draco made demands in a previous post. We aren’t there yet but we’re getting there.


You can download it for your XCOM 2’s here.

It’s not perfect twintails because it is very Hatsune Miku specific but the original spaceships were a good step towards the personal ones we are getting closer to. Also we have this. Neptune is one of Draco’s favorite characters and one of the few you can kind of make in XCOM 2. She very quickly became the main character of this current XCOM run and if she had her actual voice that would make it better. Now if only mods actually worked on steamos. Oh well! If Draco ever gets a PC from this decade Draco can Nep it up all Nep long.


Draco needs flash drives attached to his clothing…