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Draco wanted to write about a subject but it sadly didn’t pan out. Not only that, Draco had to relocate the tower of his computer a while ago and this relocated where the headphones connect. Basically Draco’s ripped the headphones from thy ears twice while writing this paragraph. To be more accurate the second time was when Draco typed “Not” in sentence two. On the bright side while exploring a new idea Draco found out some studio is going to make a Graceling movie. Back to the negatives; the movie will probably be awful and autocorrect keeps changing Graceling to Graveling so let’s stop talking about it. These are trying times.


By Red-Ruby-Butterfly.

So in a few days Draco has to have his photography final in and YOU, the reader, will get to see it live! That’s right; Draco gets to turn it in via a gallery on WordPress therefore you’ll get it in your eyes the minute it’s in. Is that not big news in your opinion? Well Draco’s other idea was a list of Draco’s top female characters for International Women’s Day but it’s to hard to decide. Let’s just say they’re all great and do that list some other time.  Katsa from Graceling was probably going on that list so you can now understand the thought process of the first paragraph. Congrats.