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And here we have the Photography final.

All of these photos use the technique of combining two photos of potentially the same thing to create a new unique photo. Sometimes the second picture didn’t come out and sometimes more than two pictures were used but they all stem from that idea.




In this photo I learned that arm hair shows up far better on light blue skin. If you ever really want to show off your arm hair painting your arm blue is recommended. Also selecting chain is hard. I used multiple layers to get the hand the right shade of blue, played with color channels a smidgen, and applied a surface blur to the background to give it a vinyl feel.



Blue Sky Bay

This photo uses the wonderful combination of filters to give a two dimensional sketch effect. The sketch was then overlayed upon the original and the sky was replaced with a gradient because the sky was originally dull. The blues that came out were a very happy surprise.



Sun Glass

You always have to get a sunset. There are stories of people who searched for the perfect sunset with the perfect colors for years and they can never find it. That’s because they’re all perfect; just like you. With this one the branches cut between each-other after a layer mode was applied. There was a color filter applied to this version to really bring out the pink at the bottom.




This one is pretty simple. It utilizes the two pictures combined technique and not much else. The window of the red car presented an issue but it’s nothing layer masks can’t fix. The original idea was an after image of something moving fast but then the idea ghost cars popped up and that’s how it got the name “Crash”.



Neptune Skies

In this photo the entire second photo was scraped except the sky.  Initially this gave a fog which was interesting but not really good enough. This lead to more layer modes and inversion. You end up with a pinkish purple forest, a dank 1840’s ocean looking sky, and an annoying road scarp. The purple was refined to avoid the accusation that this was just a simple inversion. The road was harder to fix but the tree lines contrast against the sky presented the idea to take a copy of the road, stutter it, then desaturated it, and that worked.



Project Yourself

This is where the initial idea came from. An advertisement had a person’s face projected onto their hands via projectors.  The thought “How can that be done without projectors” went forward and you get the same technique you use to make people levitate. The background is handmade along with a vignette. The face was done with layer masks, a layer mode (for the glow) and a sketch like filter. The main picture was made slightly transparent to enhance the darkness.



Spin Chicken

This was a top that was spinning while I took the picture. I had to really make it two dimensional because the edges looked weird but now it looks like fire so that’s fine.



Eye of the Kitty Cat

Layer modes can really bring out colors. After applying the second photo the eye was brought out while the fur remained the same. An iris blur was then used and you get a very Smaug-like eye.



Beats Paper

This is just a simple one photo on top of the other but with a layer mask on the handles so that only the blades are affected.




The Light Heads Toward You

Here we have the inside of a toilet paper roll looking at a window. The second photo was rotated because spirals are all the rage and the window lines didn’t sync up. The edges were burned and the window was made more golden with filters.



I Walk Beside Myself

This guy is cool. Without even touching the photo you know this guy just looks cool. The guitar, the shoes, the way he hid his face with his hat, It all works. Sadly the second photo had a problem and only the part above was really feasible. Lucky for everyone this guy is cool and it didn’t take more than a little layer mode to satisfy.



Requesting Cuddles

It was hard to get the lighting right but it turns out a tiny spotlight plus a version with the lights on was all it took. The faces still ended up a little dark but the smallest of dodges fixed that immediately. The floor ended up being too bright so it was burned along with the edges.