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First of all Draco took  cool pictures of a hummingbird. Before we talk about anything let’s look at this hummingbird.




So Draco was desperately searching for more ideas to write about and that obviously entails watching YouTube videos and not thinking about writing at all. In that little recommended section General YouTube recommended some silly little conspiracy videos. 3/4 of them were about cartoon characters secretly being dead and the other was about a skeleton who was supposed to be a different character when they were alive. Draco observed the pattern and realized you can make that claim about basically anything. Is your refrigerator running? Well guess what, it’s running from the fact that it’s dead.  Draco was going to follow this trend and make some outlandish conspiracy theories about how all your favorite characters are dead but then this happened.

John Oliver does a video about conspiracies the day before Draco was going to make a post about conspiracies! Admittedly he went after the more realistic ones whereas Draco was going to go for stuff like “the main characters from My Little Pony will ultimately form a pentagram and sacrifice the minor characters in order to resurrect Zeromus” but it’s still way too convenient. It’s almost like he read Draco’s mind… Just like the Illuminati does to all of us!


This is a tiny picture of John Oliver.

Now watch as it’s flipped upside-down.


The Illuminati…

In the video above, Oliver uses the phrase “open your eyes!” multiple times. Does he mean your eyes… or THE eye?

In earlier episodes of his series Last Week Tonight, THREE episodes, aka triangle episodes, were centered around Space Geckos in Space™.   If you look up more conspiracy videos you’ll easily find videos about lizard aliens controlling the world. Who controls the world? The Illuminati. What are Geckos? Basically lizards. What does this mean? Illuminati = Geckos.

Still not convinced? How about now?


Is there any point to this? No. But at least you’re informed now.

Have another hummingbird as a reward.


Admittedly this ended up as the featured image so you already saw this one but it’s still cute. ❤